Great Things About Chain Link And Wood Fences

There are quite a few types of fencing materials that are commonly used for residential and business properties. Just a few examples of the commonly used materials include wood, brick, stone, chain link, and wood. Each type of material has its own advantages, and this is why you will see all of these types of fences frequently in residential and business areas. This article is going to focus on chain link and wood fences. You will learn about some of the reasons why chain link and wood fencing are two of the very common fences and why they may serve your needs as well. 

Chain link fencing features and advantages

Chain link fencing comes in various heights, with different sizes of links, with different gauges of linkage, with or without vinyl coatings, and in a variety of colors. Chain link fences commonly have drive-through gates that roll open inward or outward or drive-through gates that slide open in a way that takes up much less space. 

Chain link is popular for many reasons, but some of the main ones include: 

  • Chain link is one of the most affordable fences
  • Chain link fences require less maintenance than most
  • Chain link can be repaired easier than most other fences
  • Chain link handles all types of weather well
  • Chain link won't block people's views
  • Chain link can be installed on a temporary or permanent basis
  • Chain link can have things added to it, such as rolled wood for privacy or barbwire in industrial areas

Chain link fencing is often used as the fencing around homes, to secure areas like school grounds, to secure public areas like dog parks or ballparks, and to better secure many types of businesses. 

Wood fencing features and advantages

Wood fences offer looks that a lot of people are going for. The wood can come in a light color, a dark color, and everything in between. It can be stained, it can be painted, and it can have its appearance altered in many ways throughout the years, so the wood fence continues to have a look that works with the updated landscaping as time goes on. Wood fences are commonly chosen for residential and business needs, as well as anywhere else where there are fencing needs and a desire for a durable one that looks natural and beautiful. 

Wood fences are very popular, and they offer many advantages, such as: 

  • Wood fences offer one of the most natural looks in fencing
  • Wood fencing, such as cedar, can have natural oil protectants
  • Wood fencing can easily be used with all other types of fencing
  • Wood fencing can vary greatly in price to accommodate many budgets
  • Wood fencing can be used for all fencing needs, from security to decor
  • Wood fencing is some of the most versatile, both in looks and in function
  • Wood fencing can age in a way that gives it an even more beautiful appearance
  • Wood fencing can be easily repaired in most cases