Adding An Aluminum Fence To Your Commercial Property

There are numerous materials that you can use for your commercial property's new fencing. Aluminum is one of the more durable and versatile solutions that a person can choose for their property. As you are preparing to install a new fence on your property, the final design for this fence can be influenced by a number of competing needs.

Choose An Appropriate Spacing For The Fence Pickets

The spacing of the fence pickets can be highly customized depending on the goals of the new fence installation. For those that are wanting the fences to provide enhanced security or to keep animals and small children off the property, it is essential to place the pickets close enough together so that pets will be unable to pass through. When choosing a new design for your aluminum fence, you will want to make sure that animals will be unable to squeeze through these openings in the fence so that they will be kept off the property.

Be Mindful Of The Proximity Of Large Trees Near The Aluminum Fence

Large trees near a new fence installation project can create complications. For example, it is possible for the roots of the tree to be damaged by the installation of the fence. Additionally, there can be a risk of the fence being knocked out of alignment by the tree growing against the fence. When deciding where to place the tree, you may want to leave enough space to allow for the plant to grow without coming into contact with the fence and potentially causing alignment issues with it that may cause large gaps between the fence sections. In extreme cases, the fence may even tip over as a result of the pressure that it is putting on it.

Account For Hills And Other Uneven Areas Of Terrain

Hills and other unlevel terrains can be another factor that will weigh on the design and installation of the fence. If the terrain is unlevel, the height of the fence will need to be adjusted to help keep it level throughout these areas. A professional fence installation service can measure the differences in the terrain to effectively compensate for these changes in the terrain. Otherwise, the fence may appear to be uneven, and it can also suffer some performance issues as a result of this unevenness. For example, pets or individuals may be able to climb over the fence more easily by targeting areas of the fence that have this type of elevation change. 

For more information, contact a local commercial fence contractor