Keeping Your Dog Safe By Installing Suitable Fencing

For those who own a dog, keeping the animal on their own property can be an important thing to do to minimize the risk of the dog suffering injuries or other issues due to escaping from the safety of the yard. To prevent this from happening, individuals may choose to invest in dog fencing that will make it significantly harder for the dog to be able to wander away from the property.

Prevent The Dog From Tunneling Under The Fence

When choosing a fence design for their property, homeowners can be guilty of overlooking the possibility of the dog tunneling under the fence. While some breeds of dogs may be more prone to this behavior, this is something that almost any type of dog could do if given enough time and the right conditions. To prevent the dog from tunneling under the fence, the owner should install a barrier in the soil under the fence. These barriers can extend up to several feet into the soil, and this will prevent the dog from being able to easily or quickly dig a hole that is large enough for them to get through.

Appreciate The Potential Of The Dog Climbing Or Jumping Over The Fence

Another mistake that is often made by pet owners is failing to realize the ability of dogs to climb and jump over fences. Ideally, dog fencing should be made of solid planks that will make it impossible for the dog to climb over. The height of the fence is another important consideration for preventing the animal from escaping. It can be easy to underestimate the height that a dog can jump, but it is easily possible for these dogs to jump several times their body height. This is especially true for larger enclosures where the dog can get a substantial running start before leaping. Knowing the maximum height that your breed of dog can jump will be an important detail as you are preparing to have a dog fence installed.

Place A Guard To Prevent The Fence Gate Latch From Being Reached By The Dog From Inside The Fenced Area

Intelligence can be one of the attributes of dogs that will make them particularly popular as pets. Unfortunately, this can lead to them potentially outsmarting their owners on occasion. When having a fence installed, the latch to the gate should be protected with a guard that will prevent the dog from being able to paw it enough to force it to release. Over the years, the dog will observe their owner using the latch to enter and exit, which can lead to the animal starting to target it, but a guard will prevent the animal from being able to reach the latch from inside the enclosure.

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