Residential Ornamental Fencing Design Options

Residential ornamental fencing is an ideal way to showcase your home and your landscaping. The addition of this type of fencing offers you various benefits. You may know you want this type of fencing. What you may not know is what types of design options are available to you. Here are some of the ornamental fencing designs to consider and what you should know about each. 

Exaggerated Entryway

One way to add a custom flare to your ornamental fencing is to focus on the entryway. There are several available options for the entryway. One of these options is to use an exaggerated design. A wrought iron design combined with a wrought iron arbor can give a beautiful old-world archway effect that is not a very common choice. The entryway can be decorated throughout the year and during holidays to give you a fresh look every few months. You can also grow ivy over the arbor to maintain the old-world look. 

Pergola Arches

You may want an added layer of design to your ornamental fence that is both functional and attractive. Pergola arches are a way to do that. These arches give a decorative structure to your fencing allowing for ivy growth, lighting, or both. The arches can also help prevent uninvited guests to your property. In addition, the pergola arches can also offer a layer of privacy by blocking the complete view of your home and giving more of a garden feel to the fencing. 

Garden Theme Focus

For many homeowners, the garden is the prize of their property. Your garden may consist of flowers, fruits, vegetables, or a mixture of all these things. One way you can showcase that hard work and beauty is by having a garden theme focus on your fencing. Your ornamental fencing can have accents of ivy and vining plant designs, etched leaf designs, and scrollwork. The ornamental fencing can also be part of the garden by allowing climbing plants to use the fence as support. Adding different arches along the fence can also give a window-style view into the garden you maintain and create. 

If you have some basic designs in mind, take them to your fencing contractor. They will show you the residential ornamental fencing design options they have and look at your basic ideas. Between the two, the fencing contractor can help you create the ideal design for you. They can also make suggestions for fencing upgrades and optional fencing options for your specific property and needs.  

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