Putting A Fence Around Your Home Before You Sell: What Kind Of Fence Should You Do?

If you want to put a fence around your property so you can sell your house, it's important to have a fence company install the fence. This way, the fence will have lasting structure and will be attractive as well. You want the fence to be even and have some type of guarantee or warranty, which you will get if you have it installed properly. The new owners of the home you put a fence around will appreciate your professional landscape improvement as well, and the fence can make a great additional selling point for your home.

You have several styles of fence to consider for your property, with wood, vinyl, and chain-link being among the most popular. You can also do stainless steel and other fence styles as well, but you don't have to make your fence super fancy to sell your home. Here are fence styles you can consider for your home before you put it up for sale. Consider your options with your fence company; they will compare the prices and benefits of each of the following fence styles with you.

Chain link

Perhaps the most cost-effective fencing version, chain link is a type of fence your fence contractor can put in quickly to secure a front or backyard. This type of fence is basic in style, so consider this mostly for a backyard area to secure the space and really help define the area as well.


Redwood and cedar are two types of wood commonly used in wooden fences because they are both water-resistant and won't be as prone to insect damage as other fencing types. If you want to fence a front or side yard, then a short wood fence in either of these wood types will suffice. If you want to make the yard look charming, a lattice-style or a picket wood fence will add the curb appeal you want so you can sell your house fast.


Vinyl will quickly upgrade your more basic home and give it a modern appeal. Your fence contractor will show you the styles of vinyl you can choose from to match your budget and your home's design. The curb appeal vinyl can add to the front of your yard, as well as the privacy and safety it can offer the back, can make vinyl the material of choice for your yard if you want to add great selling points to your home.