Learn About Wrought Iron Fencing And How It Excels

Wrought iron fences are a great option for many people and for many purposes. When you are going over the types of fences you think may work for your needs, consider wrought iron. Learn more about the benefits they offer and what makes them so special below. 

Wrought iron is strong

No matter why you are having a fence put up, you want to know it's strong. You don't want to have to worry about repairs and a lot of maintenance to keep the fence standing. Wrought iron fencing is very strong, and it only requires the following maintenance: 

  • Occasional cleaning to keep the fence looking good

  • Scrubbing off any areas of rust before it can penetrate

  • Repainting the fence every few years to protect it from rust and keep it beautiful

  • Checking the fence for damage occasionally as you would any other

Wrought iron fencing has many styles and can be customized

One of the big reasons many go with wrought iron fencing is because they want a beautiful fence. Even if its purpose is to add security, a fence can still look great, and wrought iron meets these needs well. Some styles and options include: 

  • Arched top

  • Straight top

  • Pointed post caps

  • Spade post caps

  • Custom post caps

  • Straight posts

  • Twirled posts

  • Additional custom embellishments affixed to the fence

Wrought iron fencing offers many advantages

Wrought iron fencing does have a gorgeous look to it that makes it go great with most landscaping. However, this doesn't take away from the fact that it can also serve many other purposes, and it can do it well. Some of the reasons wrought iron fencing is great and things it can be used for include: 

  • It works well for security because it is strong and hard to climb

  • It works well from a functional standpoint because it works well with many gate systems

  • It works as a containment gate because it's very hard for children and pets to get over

  • It works well as a boundary fence; it makes the property line obvious in a nice-looking way


If you need a fence for any reason, consider all that wrought iron offers. You may find that it would be a fence worthy of your demands. It can also be designed with other materials as well. This allows you to get very creative when it comes to choosing just how you want it to look.