Questions To See If A Wood Fence Is What You Want

If you are going to be having a fence built, you may wonder if it should be one made of wood. There are some questions you can answer that can help you know that a wood fence would likely be the best one for you. Here are some answers to a few of these questions:

Do you want to tie the fence into the landscape?

If you want to tie the fence you have installed into the landscape, then wood can be great. No matter what the design of your landscape is, you can have a wood fence built that goes with it. If you have a tropical landscape, then you can go with a bamboo fence, or you can choose another type of wood with an appropriate style. Some styles that would be good would be a lateral trellis fence, a light wood fence with a lattice top, or a wood fence with a reddish stain. If you have more of a wild west decor, then you can go with a wood fence made from wood that has a bit of a gray and almost aged coloring to it. Or, you can go with a wood fence that has wrought iron features combined with it. 

Do you want the fence to offer security?

No matter what the reasons are that are pushing you to have a fence built, you should ask yourself if you also want it to offer additional security for your property. If you would like the added security, then this is something that can definitely be accomplished with a wood fence. You can have fence builders build you a solid wood fence. A solid fence would prevent someone from looking right onto your property, and it would be hard for them to get past.

Do you want the ability to change the look of the fence periodically?

Some fences are easier than others to change the look of down the line if this is something that you decide you want to do. If you have the fence builder build you a wood fence, then you can easily change its appearance when you want. One reason you might want to do this is to make the fence match the house. So, you can have it painted in the same color as the house's trim. Then, when you decide to change the color of your home in the future, you can have the fence painted again in the new trim color. You might decide you would like the fence in a darker color, or even in a more reddish color. These can be done simply by staining the wood fence.