What Should You Do When You Observe Rust On Your Chain Link Fence? Top 3 Pro Solutions

There are numerous types of fences, and each has features that set it apart. For example, chain link fences are well-suited to enclosed spaces such as dog runs and swimming pools. Accordingly, if you install this type of fencing on your residential property, you enjoy many benefits, including safety and more effective space management. Nonetheless, chain link fences may be susceptible to rust after several years of use. But what should you do when you notice rust on your fencing? Here are three possible pro solutions:


The first step you should take when you notice rust on your fence is to clean it. You can complete this task with a garden hose if the damage is not too far gone. During the cleaning exercise, you should not only focus on the affected area but instead clean every section of the structure. Once dry, inspect the fence to check for rust that hasn't come off. Next, scrub off all the loose paint and rust before rinsing. If the damage is extensive, it is imperative that you hire a contractor to help restore your chain link fencing to its pristine condition.


Unfortunately, even if you take time to clean the fence regularly, it will likely rust again because it is exposed to weather elements such as rain and other precipitation. Therefore, a specialist will likely recommend coating it with vinyl for a long-term solution to the problem of rust. Even when exposed to weather elements, the vinyl coating is not susceptible to corrosion. The coating also comes in various colors, including brown, green, and black, enabling you to complement your house's style.

Replacing the Entire Structure

While this structure is manufactured to last many years, it is bound to finish serving its lifespan and become less effective. Thus, if you observe that your chain link fence is not holding up as well as it should, it may indicate that it is worn out. Deteriorated fencing may allow trespassers in and out of your property. Thus, bringing down the worn-out fence and installing a new one is prudent. Consult a chain link fencing specialist to advise you on the fence to install, as they are up-to-date on advancements that could benefit your home.

As soon as you observe rust on your chain link fence, you should apply these solutions to address the issue. Nonetheless, it is best to engage a fencing contractor to comprehensively resolve the problem and avoid issues caused or missed by non-professional fixes.