Thinking Of Installing A Wooden Fence? 3 Tips That Work Like A Charm

If a lack of privacy prevents you from using your backyard, it is time to invest in a good fence. You should know that a quality wooden fence can change the overall security situation and make it easier to host backyard barbecues or for children to play freely with pets. More importantly, the key is preparation before the installation process. Here are the top three tips that work well when fencing your backyard.

Location Is a Crucial Element

You should never start a fencing project when unsure of your property lines. In some cases, you may find that the current boundary marker is not the official property line, so you shouldn't build a permanent fence without consulting a land surveyor. You can also assess the paperwork linked to your house for details on the right property boundary. After this, decide whether you want the wooden fence to be squarely on the property boundary or want it on your property. You should ask the neighbor if they are willing to split the installation cost if you want to install it on the boundary line. However, if they aren't receptive to the idea, install the fence on your side, which makes it your property.

Find an Ideal Way to Dig the Posts

Many people complain that digging the holes for the posts is the most challenging part of the fence installation process. That said, the soil type in your area determines the difficulty you might experience when digging the posts. Note that you can rent an auger and have people help you with the digging to simplify the process on rocky soils. However, the most effective method is to hire a fence contractor with the right tools to combat terrain and dig stable holes. Additionally, the expert will reinforce the fence posts with cement in rocky areas.

Plan for the Bottom and Top of the Fence

The top and bottom of the fence play a significant role in determining its safety. The ideal fence bottom should be level throughout the land. The top should also be as level as the lower side. The crucial thing is to leave no gap between the bottom of the fence and the ground. This is because a wide gap creates an escape route for the pets and kids you might be trying to contain in the yard.

These are simple guidelines you can follow for the best outcome in installing a wooden fence. Consult a trusted residential fence installation contractor and get their help preparing and installing yours for a secure, functional, and efficient barrier.

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